Features of indexy

Build Data Templates (File Types)

Data templates are the main building blocks of Indexy, created by super users to fit the specific business needs of an organization. These templates consist of various field types that are combined to form a data template. For example, a super user can create a student data template that includes different field types such as Student Name, ID, and Grade.

Table Instances

Once a data template is configured, users can create one or more instances of the data template to fill in the required data based on their business requirements. For instance, users can create a single ‘students’ instance where they can fill in information for all the students, or create separate tables for each academic year or grade level.

Fill Data:

Extract information easily:

Users can easily fill in the data, and then extract and utilize the information in different formats by setting up various layouts as per their needs.

Design & Printout Reports:

Indexy provides the ability to design and create reports based on business requirements. Authorized users can build multiple types of reports for the same table and view or print the report they select.